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Real Fantasy is the next generation of gaming combining the best elements of computer and console RPGs with the added technology of your mobile device! When you first start the game, we recommend selecting the Tutorial. Aside from giving some valuable tips and tricks, you get a number of bonus items as well. You’ll be surprised to find how in-depth the world of Real Fantasy actually is, but it’s quite exciting once you start to realize all it has to offer!

We set up this page to give you an overview and a general understanding of the basic game principles. We recommend that you also view the other pages listed along the top banner (Locations, Exploration, Strongholds, Gambling, Training and Achievements) to familiarize yourself even more.


We’ve also made a point to add an Information Button on every page of the game so that if you ever get stuck, help is just a tap away!


The first time you play Real Fantasy, you’ll be guided through a few simple steps to select your character. This includes choosing your avatar and character name. Then next step is selecting your stronghold location (usually your home or work or wherever you think you’ll be playing the game the most). From there, after a Tutorial, you’ll be ready to start your adventures!



On most screens, the top of the page will display the current statistics about your player. Player Level is listed alongside your current and target Experience Points (XP) to reach the next level. There are 20 player levels and many items have level requirements unlocking bigger and better weapons, allies, spells, armor and items!

Below your XP are your 3 primary stats: Hit Points, Strength and Will. Hit Points (HP) show your current health and is reduced by fighting monsters and attacking enemies. Strength (ST) is your character’s physical ability. Strength is most often used when using physical weapons in combat. Will (WL) is your character’s magical ability. Will is most often used when using magical weapons and casting spells. HP, ST and WL restore over time at the rate of 1% per minute and can be more quickly refreshed with a number of different health items.

Below your HP, ST and WL you’ll find your Attack and Defense value as well as your current Gold and Gem supply.

Attack values are two numbers, the first identifying your Physical Attack and the second your Magical Attack. The better your weapons, the higher these values will be and the more powerful you’ll be in battle. Every player should have one Physical and one Magical weapon equipped at all times. Depending on your enemy, you will automatically use whichever weapon offers the higher attack value (more on this under “Combat” below).

Defense values are also two numbers, the first identifying your Physical Defense and the second your Magical Defense. Most often, it is armor that provides these defensive bonuses, but there are Allies and supplies that can boost them as well.

Gold is the most common currency in the game. It can be earned in a number of ways, the most common being through defeating enemies and finding treasures in Dungeons and Towers. Gold is also earned though collecting rent (see Locations Page) as well as selling weapons, armor and other items you find on your adventures.

Gems are the rarest currency in Real Fantasy. They can be found on your adventures as well as earned through completing the more than 100 goals provided (see Achievements Page).



At the bottom of most pages is the Navigation bar with 5 buttons for Stronghold, Map, Achievements, Income and Profile.

The Stronghold button displays your castle and gives you an overview as to your current values and defenses. Other players in your area will be able to attack your Stronghold in hopes of stealing some of your gold and scoring Experience Points, so it’s good to keep those castle defenses up. If you’re in the area when a player attacks your Stronghold, your character will aid in the defense and add his/her combat values to those of the Stronghold itself making it much harder to defeat. (see Stronghold Page)

The Map button displays your current location and shows the real-world places around you with which you can interact. There are a number of location types including Blacksmiths, Magic Shops, General Stores, Taverns, Gambling Halls, Schools, Quarries, Dungeons and Towers. (see Locations Page)

The Achievements button will take you to a collection of all the different goals you can accomplish in the game. Each Achievement has 5 levels of difficulty and Gems are earned for each one you complete. (see Achievements Page)

The Income button shows your current daily revenue. Income is based on the number of Locations where you have Honor and your ranking at those Locations. Every time you visit a new Location, you earn one Honor Point. By spending Strength and Will, you can earn more Honor and the higher your ranking at that Location, the more Gold you earn from it each payday. You can also earn Honor by fighting Nearby Monsters that are threatening that Location. If you don’t visit a Location for 7 days, half of your Honor at that Location will be lost, so be sure to keep on top of where you’ve been and watch those rankings.

The Profile button will show you your avatar including his/her current armor, weapons and other items.


If you want to make changes to your character or use items, click on the Inventory Button. From the Inventory Page, you can equip and unequip weapons, armor and other items. You can view, heal and disband Allies as well as use various Health Items to restore your own HP, ST and WL.


Most adventures in Real Fantasy start on the Map Page and include interacting with friendly locations, like Blacksmiths and Gambling Halls, as well as hostile locations like Dungeons, Towers and Enemy Strongholds.

Friendly locations allow you to earn Honor which affects how much Gold you earn each payday (see above). Also, they offer other game options such as shopping, selling items, training your character, gambling, hiring Allies and upgrading your Stronghold. The hostile locations each present their own unique challenges and rewards. Towers are a good way to quickly fight a group of monsters. Dungeons require a bit more time and exploration, but offer even more opportunities to score gold, gems and booty. Aside from the Treasure Chest waiting somewhere in each Dungeon, every room you come across can be Searched with the hopes of finding more goodies!


When fighting enemies, the Combat page will display everything you need to know to battle. The winner is determined by 20 tiles from which you can choose. 10 tiles represent you hitting your opponent. 9 tiles are for when your opponent hits you. The last tile is “Refresh” which shuffles all the tiles to start again until the battle is resolved. Combat values are figured by taking a player (or monster) Attack Value and subtracting the enemy’s Defense Value. Finally, the tile value (50%, 80%, etc.) determines the actual amount of damage that is dealt and the cost in Strength (ST) or Will (WL) to the player.

If you run out of Strength or Will, you can no longer effectively use any weapon that requires it, so you’ll start using the alternate weapon when this happens. You can also refresh your Hit Points, Strength and/or Will during Combat by accessing your “Inventory”. If you don’t have enough Strength or Will to use either weapon, you can continue to fight, but at an 80% penalty, so it’s important to watch those ST and WL values and keep Health Items on hand to stay at full power!


Your Allies can also help you when fighting. Aside from the ones that give you direct combat bonuses (like additional Attack values and reduced Strength costs), they can help keep you alive. If you are about to get hit by an enemy and the damage would otherwise kill you, one of your Allies will step in and take the damage for you. But Allies don’t refresh health over time, so you’ll need to find Crystals to heal or resurrect them!



For the true legends, Real Fantasy offers the opportunity to Prestige if you reach Level 20. By Prestiging, you earn your first Prestige Banner and return to Level 1 to take on the enemy hordes once more! But don’t worry, you still get credit (and bragging rights) on the Leaderboards. Also, when you Prestige, aside from getting bonus currency, you have the option to keep your current Achievements or reset them all so you can earn all those Gems again!


We have a LOT of great ideas for improving Real Fantasy in the future. Some things on our list include:
– lots more Monsters, Weapons, Armor and Items
– the ability to Craft weapons and supplies from items you find on your travels
– new types of friendly and hostile locations as well as new exploration options
– the introduction of Quests where you can win real prizes!!!

For any additional questions, we hope you’ll find the answers here on our website. The Forum page is another place to get information, look for answers and post general questions, comments and suggestions. And, of course, we always welcome you to contact us directly via email with the “Contact” button below!

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