A man’s home is his castle…except in Real Fantasy where his castle is his castle.


Each player starts the game with a Stronghold which is his base of operations. But be warned – when other players are nearby, they have the option of trying to raid your castle. If they succeed, they get a lot of experience points and some of your gold stash.

As you advance through the game, you’ll have opportunities to upgrade your Stronghold in a number of ways to make it tougher for other players to sack.

By visiting Quarries, you can spend gold to purchase a number of improvements to your Stronghold.



Level Up - increased hit points - 10 levels
Ballistas - increased attack - 3 levels
Moat - increased defense
Archers - increased attack and defense - 5 levels
Moat Embankment - increased defense
Fire Archers - increased attack and defense - 5 levels
Drawbridge - increased defense
Trebuchet - increased attack - 3 levels
External Walls - increased defense
Murder Holes - increased defense - 5 levels
Portcullis - increased defense
Boiling Oil - increased defense - 5 levels
Reinforced Walls - increased defense
Reinforced Walls - increased defense
Towers - increased defense - 5 levels
Conscripts - increased attack and defense - 10 levels
Catapults - increased attack - 5 levels
Vault - protects gold - 6 levels
Crenellations - increased defense - 3 levels
Strongbox - protects gold - 5 levels
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