It will take more than powerful weapons and good armor to prevail against the myriad dangers you’ll encounter in Real Fantasy. Make sure you’re always prepared for whatever contingencies might come your way by having the proper supplies on hand. Health items will keep you and your Allies fit and strong. Magic amulets and Books can give you all manner of different bonuses. Maps and Spells can give you a glimpse into the dangers you’ll face in Dungeons and Towers before it’s too late to turn back! These different types of items can be found in various shops. They will also turn up as booty for defeating monsters. On occasion they are also found among the primary treasures in Dungeons and Towers or even just laying around in random rooms to turn up in a search.

Here are just some of the items you’ll come across in your travels:

Health Items


+25 Hit Points

Enchanted Food

+50 Hit Points


+25 Will Points

Enchanted Water

+50 Will Points


+25 Strength Points

Enchanted Wine

+50 Strength Points


+25 HP, ST & WL

Enchanted Herbs

+50 HP, ST & WL

Elixir Level 1

restores HP, ST & WL from 100-2000 each!

Elixir Level 6

restores HP, ST & WL from 100-2000 each!

Elixir Level 15

restores HP, ST & WL from 100-2000 each!

Enchanted Elixir

restores HP, ST & WL to 100%!

Ally Items

Healing Crystal

heals all living allies to 100%

Restoration Crystal

revives one dead ally to 100%

Resurrection Crystal

revives all dead allies to 100%


Earth Amulet

increased Hit Point regeneration

Water Amulet

increased Strength regeneration

Wind Amulet

increased Will regeneration

Fire Amulet

Increased HP, ST & WL regeneration


Enchanted Book of Barter

gold purchase discount

Book of Combat

reduced Strength combat loss

Book of Constitution

reduced Hit Point combat loss

Book of Conjurring

reduced Will Combat loss

Book of Endurance

increased Strength regeneration

Book of Focus

increased Will regeneration

Book of Medicine

increased Hit Point regeneration

Book of Conjurring

increased School training results

Exploration Resources

Dungeon Map

reveals any one floor of a Dungeon

Reveal Tower Spell

reveals all monsters in any one Tower

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